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This is an overview of specifications for the Fixed ARFF units utilized for a variety of ARFF training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but not limited to:

  • Features:The Fixed Expandable ARFF Simulator allow for a reduced initial investment, short project duration, and more immediate local training for aviation fire and safety emergencies. Initial phases can provide for cabin crew training with passenger seat fires, rollover, and overhead baggage compartment fires, while fuel spill fires can facilitate annual certification requirements for airports.
  • Training Scope:
    • Flashover recognition and tactics for suppression
    • Direct and indirect fire attack
    • Interior/exterior fire attack
    • Flammable fuel spill containment
    • Ground fire training
    • Low and high wing engine fire
    • Wheel brake fire
    • APU fire training
    • Piercing nozzle techniques
    • Search/rescue in low or limited visibility environments
    • Tactics and strategies
    • Fire suppression techniques
  • Training RequirementsThe system meets the training requirements for airports of all indexes and in compliance with FAA, IACO, NFPA and DIN standards. Training units are designed to allow seamless instruction to meet FAA and IACO rules and regulations for airport certification.