Hazmat Rollover Tanker

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Manufacturer: Fireblast


This is an overview of specifications for the Hazmat Rollover Tanker utilized for training in response to hazardous chemical spills and leaks. The simulator training capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fireblast Advantage:The Fireblast Global Hazmat Rollover Tanker is created for fire department personnel to train on response to overturned flammable liquid and gas transporters.  With the ability to simulate a fuel spill or release of chlorine gas, the Hazmat Rollover Tanker produces a real-life simulated emergency.  This portable 16’ stainless-steel trainer can be transported to different training locations within your response area to provide excellent mutual-aid training with neighboring departments. Built with additional interior ribbing, this unit allows for repetitive use in mitigating the puncture you are training on.
  • Training Scope:The Fireblast Hazmat Rollover Tanker incorporates training and skill objectives with NFPA 1001 HazMat Awareness & Hazmat Ops, NFPA 472 HazMat Technician along with other technical skills required to mitigate the simulated Hazmat training scenarios.
  • Safety:This unit allows the future Hazmat Techs to train in a real world environment without having to worry about real world exposures.  Our unit utilizes water along with compressed air to help simulate actual emergencies which provides valuable training in a safe operating environment.