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Manufacturer: Fireblast

This is an overview of specifications for the Helicopter Props utilized for a variety of training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but not limited to:

  • Features:Built to represent a variety of helicopter models, the Fireblast Global Helicopter fire trainers are your solution to provide fire training in a helicopter crash scenario. Heavy controlled live fire by the push of a button. The Helicopter simulators are available in both portable and fixed models.
  • Training Scope:
    1. Direct and indirect fire attack
    2. Pilot rescue scenarios
    3. Tactics and strategies via size up
    4. Fire suppression techniques
    5. SCBA use
  • Safety:Fireblast prioritizes the safety of today’s firefighters by utilizing Class “B” Gas Fire Props. The use of propane or natural gas allows for a cleaner burn training environment and produces minimal by products.The Clean Air Act Amendment states that propane and natural gas are one solution to a cleaner, healthier environment.  Their ability to vaporize rapidly avoids the contamination of soil and ground water.