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Defense Equipment Company (DEC) collaborates with leading market suppliers to help you identify and procure the best solutions to maximize your budget, meet your deadlines, and complete your mission.

During the past 25 years, DEC team members have cultivated relationships in the First Responder market. DEC’s team members have developed and sustained strong relationships in the First Responder market and have over a century of combined experience.

DEC provides solutions to our customers by utilizing our product expertise,
understanding customer requirements, military contract knowledge, quality vendors, and strong customer service. DEC provides customer solutions by tapping into combined Fire & Emergency Services /CBRNe experience, covering product knowledge, military experience, quality vendors, and strong customer service. Longstanding relationships with industry-leading suppliers allow us to connect you with the people and products that you need.
We’re not just here to help you procure kit – I personally take pride in my team living up to our motto….”Your Defense is Our Priority!”

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