Forcible Entry Trainers

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Manufacturer: Fireblast

This is an overview of specifications for the Forcible Entry Trainers utilized for a variety of training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fireblast Advantage:The Forcible Entry Training Door supplies real-time forcible entry training with the ability to cut, pry, force, and manipulate access through a variety of window and door props. The replaceable breech points assure that each firefighter can utilize advanced skills for entry without rebuilding the training prop.  The ability to reset the skill stations will maximize the instructor ability to provide students with repeatable scenarios found in actual on-scene conditions with minimal time between evolutions.
  • Training Scope:With the skills and performance objectives stated in the Forcible Entry Chapter of the NFPA 1001 Curriculum, our Fireblast Forcible Entry Trainer is a perfect addition to your department’s training cadre.
  • Safety:This unit is designed to be well lit for instruction, have ventilated trailer openings for use of cutting tools, and ample space for multiple evolutions.


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