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Manufacturer: Fireblast

This is an overview of specifications for the Urban Search and Rescue Trainers utilized for a variety of training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but not limited to:

  • Fireblast Advantage:The Fireblast USAR Training Unit is designed to be compliant to the requirements of a Type 1 FEMA USAR team. The unit’s design will provide unprecedented technical skills training and allow instructors to evaluate the effectiveness and safe practices while performing rescue efforts. The USAR Training Unit can provide a training platform which will include training exercises that simulate structural failure and building collapse, natural disasters, terror-related incidents and the results of human error.
  • Training Scope:The Urban Search and Rescue Trainer is designed as an advanced rescue training tool.  Each training scenario includes unique objectives that require an elevated level of training, an advanced knowledge of specialized rescue tools, and high knowledge of building construction. With variable configuration setup by utilizing two “C” channel track system within the trainer, each training module can be removed and replaced in one of four positions. Each individual training module can be rotated 180* to change the presentation of each scenario.
  • Safety:The Urban Search and Rescue Trainer utilizes a water-based smoke system, which produces a nontoxic environment. Built in a fail-safe environment where the primary concern is firefighter safety during scenario based training.