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Manufacturer: Fireblast

This is an overview of specifications for the Falcon Car Trainers utilized for a variety of training objectives. The simulator training capabilities include, but not limited to:

  • Features:The Falcon Car Trainer represents a mid-size vehicle measuring just under 16 feet in length and weighing 3,300 lbs. All Falcon Car Trainers are constructed of 3/8” cold rolled mild steel which helps in the longevity of your investment. The Falcon Car comes with interior seats, dashboard accessories, operating hood, doors, and trunk. This unit has the capability of providing up to 4 individual fire zones. The Fireblast Falcon Car Trainer can produce up to 4.2 million BTU/hr on Vapor and up to 60 million BTU/hr on Liquid.
  • Training Scope:The Falcon Car Trainer challenges first responders with multiple training objectives. Each device allows for hands-on live fire application providing familiarization with PPE an SCBA use. Training for tire, engine and passenger compartment fires with vehicle fire training simulators, helps the development of hand line skill sets. Additional nonburn training exercises include engine compartment forcible entry and flammable liquid cooling and control techniques. The training system can be set in a fixed location, provided in a portable application that can be relocated within the training grounds, or mobile on a transport trailer.
  • Safety:Fireblast Global prioritizes the safety of today’s firefighters by utilizing Class “B” Gas Fire Props. The use of propane or natural gas allows for a cleaner burn training environment and produces minimal by-products. 

    The Clean Air Act Amendment states that propane and natural gas are one solution to a cleaner, healthier environment.  Their ability to vaporize rapidly avoids the contamination of soil and groundwater.