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Manufacturer: Fireblast

This is an overview of specifications for the Falcon EX Prop Series utilized for a variety of training objectives. The mobile fire training unit’s capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fireblast Advantage:Fireblast Global has a wide variety of Flammable Liquid and Gas Props available for your department to select. This system is designed to have one instructor select the location of where training will occur, thus creating the best environment for potentially what can go wrong scenario. Having these props will allow each firefighter to gain the knowledge in becoming familiar with the requirements needed in order to combat a liquid or gas fire. The importance of understanding when and how to apply foam to a liquid or gas fire in order to mitigate and control the scene is achieved by the continuous practice with the selected simulated hazardous prop.
  • Training Scope:
    • Direct and indirect fire attack
    • Exterior fire attack
    • Fire suppression techniques
    • Flammable liquid training
    • Flammable gas training
    • Pressurized flammable liquid control
    • Vehicle fire attack
    • Tactics and strategies
    • SCBA use
  • Safety:Fireblast prioritizes the safety of today’s firefighters by utilizing Class “B” Gas Fire Props. The use of propane or natural gas allows for a cleaner burn training environment and produces minimal by products.The Clean Air Act Amendment states that propane and natural gas are one solution to a cleaner, healthier environment.  Their ability to vaporize rapidly avoids the contamination of soil and ground water.