Fireflash Series

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Manufacturer: Fireblast


This is an overview of specifications for the Fireflash Series utilized for a variety of fire training objectives. This fire training unit‘s capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fireblast Advantage:The Fireblast Global Fireflash Series of 53’ Tractor Drawn Trainers comes in a variety of configurations.  Single Level Trainer, Single Two-Story and Double Two-Story configurations.  With these options, the Fireflash Series can fit into multiple budget categories.
  • Training Scope:The fire training unit’s capabilities will include but are not limited to, interior and exterior attacks, flashover/rollover training, ventilation, (vertical and horizontal), search and rescue, direct and indirect fire attack, and attacking fires above and below grade.
  • Safety:The fire training unit’s safety features include gas detection (LEL monitoring), temperature monitoring, pilot and flame monitoring, fuel delivery system with fail-safe valves, automatic and manual safety shutdowns, and a make-up intake air and a ventilation system.