Maritime Fire Trainers

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Manufacturer: Fireblast


This is an overview of specifications for the Maritime Fire Trainers utilized for a variety of training objectives. This firefighter training simulator’s capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fireblast Advantage: Maritime fire incidents provide one of the industries’ most unique challenges to emergency personnel today. Understanding the need to recreate the hazards firefighters face in tight quarters has been achieved. Fireblast Globals Maritime Fire Training Simulators are built to replicate those challenges in a safe, reliable environment designed for repeated use.
  • Training Scope: Maritime fire simulators are built for any maritime fire situation on any size vessel requested. The simulators are designed to challenge and train firefighters to what will be encountered in tight spaces. The instructor will have the capability of controlling the movement of either live fire or smoke through the selected training simulator prop.
  • Safety: Fireblast prioritizes the safety of today’s firefighters by utilizing Class “B” Gas Fire Props to help eliminate the unnecessary exposure to by-products of from off gassing of today’s synthetic glues and adhesives that are used in the manufacturing of modern day chip board and laminated plywood materials. The Clean Air Act Amendment states that propane and natural gas are one solution to a cleaner, healthier environment. Their ability to vaporize rapidly avoids the contamination of soil and ground water.